Day 4 – Wrapping up

Thank you for a tremendous class.  I am so excited to use the technology I received with my students.  I’ll let you know how our state map turns out.  I’m sure I’ll be contacting you for help in trouble shooting.  Thanks again.  I appreciated all the idea sharing!

Day 3 – More e-textiles and Field Trip

This morning we talked more about different circuits, and different LED lights.  We also learned about some coded things (Sorry I can’t remember the official name)  I was able to set up a parallel circuit with three lights.


We went to Cache Makers for our field trip.  While there we were able to solder some wire to lengthen wires on a piece of equipment we will be using tomorrow.  I am excited about what we learned at Cache Makers.  I feel that they are going to be a great resource.

Day 2 – e textiles

Today we started with squishy circuits.  One of the play dough was a conductor and the other was an insulator. (Color = conductor)  We made parallel and series circuits.  Then we used some time to create an object  out of the play dough which would light a LED bulb when complete.  I tried to make a frog head.  The lights were the eyes.  They worked until I pushed the dough together to make the head complete.  I must have created a short circuit when I did this because the lights would no longer light up.wpid-img_20150805_093648.jpg (parallel circuits)

wpid-img_20150805_094158.jpg(series circuits)

wpid-img_20150805_103004.jpg(Frog head – looks more like an insect)

The second half of the day was spent doing e-textiles.  We drew our circuits on paper first then sewed them onto felt.  After completing a one LED project we made a bracelet.wpid-img_20150805_130400.jpg

wpid-img_20150805_144350.jpg  My bracelet had two batteries and 3 LED lights.  Except for the fact that I reversed the positive and negative on the middle light it worked well.  I will remove the stitches and turn the middle light tonight.  Hopefully, I will be successful in completing this project as well.  I think the students will enjoy designing and making these bracelets.  Several students (teachers) in our class today had some great ideas about using “slap bracelets” as the foundation and putting the circuits on them.  The sewing did take a great deal of time and wouldn’t be the best thing to do during the school day.

Different Circuits

Today we created paper circuits. We started by making a simple circuit name tag with one LED bulb


Next we created a series circuit and a parallel circuit.



All of the circuits I made worked. However, on the name tag circuit I did not fold the corner of the copper tape. I tore the tape and overlapped the next piece. This caused my light to blink on and off.  I would tell the students that there is a reason for folding the tape on the corners which has to do with insulators and conductors. I would celebrate the students who were adventurous circuit builders.